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Whether you’re looking to do an easy walk through woodland or wanting to push your body to the limits scaling a wall of limestone, Bungonia National Park is the place to visit.

Known as the adventure capital of the Southern Tablelands, what at first appears to be a dry plateau quickly opens itself up to reveal a diverse and dynamic landscape filled with natural surprises.

Drop into the park office when you arrive to decide where you’d like to start exploring. It’s only a short walk on Molly O’Neil track to The Lookdown lookout, and the scenic view of Bungonia Slot Canyon from Adams lookout is equally awe-inspiring.

What about packing a picnic lunch and doing a day’s hiking through the breathtaking canyon you’ve just seen from above? Or come prepared to tackle something really challenging, like abseiling, rock climbing, canyoning, or caving one of the 200 or so ‘wild’ caves. You need to be experienced and have your own equipment.


Destinations to explore near Bungonia Caves

Photos Courtesy Scott Westlake Photography

Distance & direction from Sydney: 194 Klms SW

838 Lookdown Road, Bungonia

 Tel: (02) 4844 4277    Website 1     Website 2     E-Mail

Bungonia Caves

New South Wales

Descending 400m at its deepest point. Slot Canyon, in the base of the gorge, has vertical walls 275m high.

You can bring your caravan, tent or motor home to camp out overnight on the flat well maintained campground.

Explore one of over 200 adventure caves. You need to be experienced and have your own equipment.

Grab a bite to eat and relax at one of the many picnic areas located around the park

The history of Bungonia Caves

The Bungonia caves system were discovered in 1829 by William Shelley.

The following report was transcribed from The Brisbane Courier, 18th June 1889 :

“A series of new and extensive caves is reported to have been discovered at a place known as Lookdown Bungonia, about twenty miles from Goulburn. The exploring party travelled five miles through the beautiful chambers of the caves, containing stalactites from 12ft. to 15ft. long, and of exceptional brilliance. How much further the caves extend is not yet known.”

Bungonia is one of NSW's oldest conservation reserves; sections of it were first protected as a water reserve as early as 1872. But it was the spectacular scenery which attracted visitors in the late 19th century, and the magnificence of the caves which appealed to sightseers and speleologists alike, and in 1902 further land was reserved to preserve them. The caves, however, are as steep and precipitous as the surrounding landscape - hence unsuitable for tourism like other caves (Wombeyan, Jenolan) - and only well equipped, experienced cavers should attempt to explore them.

Park Brochure

The stunning beauty of the landscape is breathtaking

The rugged limestone landscape hides the many adventure caves hidden below