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Valerie Lhuedé has been restoring her own private ghost town of Yerranderie and the surrounding mines for over thirty years, but at the age of 87, she donated the 467-hectare property to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. It will become a Regional Park, preserving its heritage buildings and wildlife habitats for the enjoyment of all.

Located just 45 km west of Camden as the crow flies, within the western section of the Blue Mountains National Park, Yerranderie has operated as a tourist destination under the watch of Valerie and her caretakers. It’s a popular spot for 4WD tours and hardened bushwalkers. Up to 60 people can stay at the site in restored historic buildings or camping.

In March 2011 Miss Lhuedé announced, “I am donating Yerranderie to the National Parks and Wildlife Service with a list of my wishes for Yerranderie’s future.”

“A visit to the place immerses you in the area’s rich silver mining history, and its intriguing European and indigenous stories. Val has lovingly restored many of its early 20th century buildings and preserved countless artefacts of historical value.”

Yerranderie also contains hundreds of hectares of wildlife habitats. Yellow-Bellied gliders, Sugar gliders, Eastern Grey kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, possums and numerous bird species.

During its heyday of 1907 to 1914, Yerranderie had a population of over 2000 people. But those heady days are long gone; the price of silver dropped and the site was cut off from direct access to Sydney by the Warragamba Dam project. Today it is only accessible via Oberon and long stretches of gravel road, making it a five-hour trek from Sydney.

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is the only organisation in Australia whose philanthropy is an investment in Australia’s public estate.

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Photos Courtesy Scott Westlake Photography

Distance & direction from Sydney: 279 Klms W SW

Sheepwalk Drive, Via Colong Oberon Stock Route, Yerranderie



Historic Town, New South Wales

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