Surfing in Australia is a major draw to tourists and locals alike. With warm weather year round at many of Australia's beaches, coupled with plenty of great waves, Australia beach surfing is incredibly popular.

Even if you have never surfed before there are plenty of schools and surfing options to accommodate every skill level. Surfing Australia and Australian Surfer are two of the more well known surf schools, and they both offer classes for every ability and age. If you can swim, you can take part in surfing in Australia.


Keeping those entire great Australia beach surfing locations safe are the skilled Surf Life Saving Australia teams. Combing almost every beach where surfing takes place, Surf Life Saving Australia is a world renowned group of life savers trained in the specific skills of saving lives in the ocean. Surf Life Saving Australia has over 113,000 trained members, about 34,000 of which actively participate in water competitions throughout the year.

Surf Live Saving Australia is also a major force in the field of international beach safety education, and is responsible for training beach life saving teams in various world locations.

Australia beach surfing is popular at any of Australia's major beach locations. The Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach, and many others all offer great surfing options. Australian beaches have seen a rise in surfing popularity in the recent past, with the number of folks hitting the waves reaching record numbers over the past couple of years. With this increase in popularity comes an increased need for safety.

If you do plan to do some surfing in Australia, make sure you pay careful attention to surfing etiquette, designed chiefly to keep surfers safe in the water. The Surf Life Saving Australia team also posts a surfing newsletter on their website, which is updated frequently with safety tips and interesting surfing tidbits. This is a great resource for reading up before you make your way to the beach.

No matter what level of surfing you find yourself at when you go, spend time surfing in Australia and you'll be sure to improve. Australia is one of the world's most treasured surfing locations, as any local surfing fanatic in Australia or abroad will tell you. Surfing is a fun and healthy way to enjoy the outdoors, catch some sun, and get a little exercise in the process.

Surfing was brought to Australia in 1914 by Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku. He demonstrated this ancient Hawaiian board riding technique at Freshwater (or Harbord) in Sydney, New South Wales.

He was invited to give a surfboard riding exhibition, and promptly shaped a surfboard out of a solid piece of Queensland Sugar Pine. A 16 year girl, Isabella Letham, was plucked from a large crowd on the beach at Freshwater, Sydney, and became the first official record of an Australian learning to surf and actually standing up riding waves. After Duke left Australia, Claude West, "the Hawaiian's star pupil" became Australia's first surf champ and ruled as such from 1915 thru 1924.

Surfing soon captured the imagination of locals and quickly built up a cult of devotees and proceeded to capture the imagination of sporting Australians. A whole way of life had developed around surfing and the search for the perfect wave. It soon became commonplace along coastal towns to find long-haired surfers cruising the more popular beaches in beaten-up old cars full of friends, surfboards and good humour. In the early sixties, surfing was then introduced to Europe by Australian Lifeguards.

Duke Kahanamoku's Board is now on display in the northeast end of the Freshwater Surf lifesaving club, Sydney, Australia.