Burton’s Legless Lizard

Distinctive long, pointed wedge-shaped snout unlike any other reptile, with the head scales small, fragmented and irregular. The hind limbs are reduced to flaps which are minute and difficult to detect. Colour and patterns are extremely variable, and ranges from cream and patternless through to shades of grey, brown, yellow, and red with combinations of stripes, lines and spots.

They are distinguished from a snake by the presence of movable eyelids, fleshy tongue (not forked), vestigial hind limb flaps present and ear openings. There average length: 290mm but specimens in excess of 400mm are recorded locally. They habitat South East Queensland preferring low vegetation such as tussocks, and beneath rocks, logs and ground debris.

Reptile specialist, feeding exclusively on skinks, geckos, dragons, other legless lizards and small snakes, suffocating it’s prey by grabbing hold around the chest area and holds it fast until suffocated, consuming its prey head first.