Bacon and eggs cooked in foil


Create a small bowl with the foil to keep everything in place and spray the foil with the non-stick spray.

Add the slices of bacon (slightly pre-cooked)

Crack the egg(s) into a container with a tight lid and shake vigorously

Add the egg mix to the container

Add the sliced potato

Seal up the foil nice and tight

Place over fire for approximately fifteen minutes. turning every few minutes

Serve with your favourite topping like salt and pepper or be fancy and add sour cream

Or try adding these favourites to the mix:

Instead of bacon, try sausages


Chilly powder (to taste)

peas or beans (or both)

Note: be careful when cooking on an open fire as the heat may be uneven and they could burn easily

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

Serves: 1


Foil wrapping

2 slices of bacon (chopped up in chunky pieces)

Eggs (1 for kids, 2 for adults)

Onion (sliced)

Potato (washed and sliced thinly)

Non-stick cooking spray

A good heat source