1 dollar coin ($1)

The Australian one dollar coin is the second-highest denomination coin of the Australian dollar after the two dollar coin.

It was first issued on 14 May 1984 to replace the one dollar note which was then in circulation, although plans to introduce a dollar coin had existed since the 1970s . The first year of minting saw 186.3 million of the coin be produced at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra .

Three portraits of Queen Elizabeth II have featuerd on the obverse, the 1984 head of Queen Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin; between 1985 and 1998 the head by Raphael Maklouf; and since 1999 the head by Ian Rank-Broadley.





Date of issue

25 mm

9 g

Queen Elizabeth II

Five (5) Kangaroos

1984 to present

Designer	 Arnold Machin (1984) Raphael Maklouf (1985) 	Ian Rank-Broadley (1999) Designer Stuart Devlin (1983)

1988: Figure with Koori Kangaroo for 200 years of English colonisation

1992: Barcelona Olympics

1994: Tenth anniversary of the $1 coin

1995: Waltzing Matilda

1997: Sir Charles Kingsford Smith coin B

1998: Howard Florey

1999: The last ANZACs

2000: HMAS Sydney II

2000: Victoria Cross

2000: Sydney Olympics (Olymphilex)

2001: 80th Anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force

2001: 90th Anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy

2001: 100th Anniversary of the Australian Army

2003: Korean War

2003: Vietnam War

2004: Eureka

2005: 90th Anniversary of Gallipoli

2006: 50 Years of Television

2006: Melbourne Commonwealth Games

2006: Ocean Series Collection - Clown Fish

2007: Ocean Series Collection - Big Belly Sea Horse

2007: Ocean Series Collection - Biscuit Star

2007: Ocean Series Collection - Longfin Bannerfish

2007: Ocean Series Collection - Shark

2007: Ocean Series Collection - Bottlenose Dolphin

2007: Peacekeeping

2007: Polar Exploration

2007: 75th Anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

2007: Year of the Surf Lifesaver

2007: Year of the Pig

2007: Ashes

2007: 50th Anniversary of the Australian Special Air Service

2007: Norman Lindsay

2008: Centenary of Rugby League

2008: Mary MacKillop

2008: International Year of Planet Earth

2008: Centenary of Australian Quarantine

2008: 100 Years of Australia Coat of Arms

2008: Land Series - Koala

2008: Land Series - Wombat

2008: Land Series - Rock Wallaby

2008: Land Series - Echidna

2009: Land Series - Bilby

2009: Land Series - Frilled Neck Lizard

2009: Steve Irwin

2009: International Year of Astronomy

2009: Celebrating 100 Years Of Excellence Swimming

2009: Dorothy Wall

(Blinky Bill)

2009: Anzac Day Lest We Forget Dollar

2009: 60 Years of Australian Citizenship

 2009: Bicentenary of Australia Post

2010: Fred Hollows

2010: 100 Years of Australian Coinage

2010: Burke and Wills

2010: Year of the Tiger

2011: Australian Bureau of Statistics

2011: Year of the Rabbit

2011: Australian Wool - Riding on the sheep's back

2011: Presidents Cup

2011: Dame Joan Sutherland

2011: Air Series - Kookaburra

2011: Air Series - Crimson Rosella

2011: Air Series - Kingfisher

Pink Cockatoo

2011: Air Series - Birdwing Butterfly

2011: Air Series - Black Headed Flying Fox

2012: Year of the Farmer

2012: Year of the Dragon

2012: Australian Open Tennis Mens Trophy

2012: Australian Open Tennis Womens Trophy

2012: International Year of


2014: $1 Fine Silver Frosted Kangaroo Series – Explorers’ First Sightings

The Explorers’ First Sightings theme depicts a drawing by Henry Constantine Richter, originally sketched by John Gould.

2014: 70th Anniversary of the Retirement of ‘G for George’

‘G for George’ was an active Avro Lancaster heavy bomber which was constructed in 1942 and flew 90 operational missions over Nazi-occupied territory during the Second World War. Its affectionate nickname was the result of the prominent ‘G’ in its squadron code, and the plane was both empowering and uniting for over 10,000 airmen.

2014: Cuckoo Wasp

Among the most resplendent insects to be found in Australia.

2014: Leichhardt’s Grasshopper

Hatched in the remote plains of the Northern Territory and Western Australia with dull colouring, the Leichhardt’s Grasshopper might never seem destined to take on the world. However, as it grows and develops a vivid body of brick red, midnight black, orange and royal blue, it soon finds its purpose, its home and its mission.

2014: 30th Anniversary of the $1 Coin- Mob of Roo’s

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the issue of the first Australian $1 coin, the Royal Australian Mint has produced this special colour printed uncirculated coin using world-leading printing technology.  

2014: Blow Fly

Long has the Blowfly (Calliphoridae) been the scourge of many an Australian backyard barbeque but, when observed up close, this misunderstood creature can be seen as a marvel of design and colour. The Blowfly’s prize feature is a shiny metallic coloured exoskeleton which gives off a blue, green and black sheen whilst flying.

2014: Ulysses Butterfly -Bright Bugs Series

Also known as ‘Mountain Blue’, the Ulysses Butterfly (Papilioulysses) is a large swallowtail butterfly with amazing, iridescent electric-blue wings.

2014: Red Bull Ant

The Red Bull Ant is believed to be dwelling in elaborate underground nests with two or three guard ants serving as loyal bouncers. This ant is alleged to be the ringleader of a ruthless food network: extracting liquids from bees and other ants, and feeding the leftovers to its larvae.

2014: Rainbow Stag Beetle - Bright Bugs Series

The male stag beetle’s impressively-proportioned mandibles are used almost exclusively for battling rivals when preferred mating territories are at stake. Like the deer they are named for, these beetles engage in ferocious-looking contests by locking ‘antlers’.

2014: Medi-mazing Coin Clever Australia

In UNESCO’s International Year of Crystallography, the Royal Australian Mint joins the celebrations with a fun and informative coin focusing on medical breakthroughs

2014: Silver Frosted, Australian Saltwater Crocodile

2014: Year of the Horse Lunar Series

In 2014, we acknowledge those born under the sign of the Horse. Exciting and extroverted, vivid and animated, people born in the year of the horse are said to be bursting with energy – the life of any party they attend.

1986: Commemorating the International Year of Peace.

Sculpted by Horst Hahne.

1988: Commemorating the Australian Bicentenary.

Designed by Stuart Devlin.

1993: The Environment

The environmental theme of this $1 coin design reflects the relationship between the environment and water quality by depicting a tree sculpted in the flowing form of water. The design incorporates the logo of Landcare Australia to raise awareness of their work.

Designed and sculpted by Vladimir Gottwald

1996: Commemorating the centenary of the Constitutional Conventions.

This led to Federation and the role of Sir Henry Parkes, widely acknowledged as the "Father of Federation".

Designed and sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

1997: Commemorating the centenary of the birth of Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith

Smith was an aviation pioneer.

Designed and sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

1999: Commemorating the International Year of Older Persons

Incorporating the United Nations logo for that year.

Sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

2001: Commemorating the Centenary of Federation

Incorporating the Centenary of Federation logo.

Sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

2001: Commemorating the International Year of Volunteers

Incorporating the United Nations logo for that year.

Sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

2002: Commemorating the Year of the Outback.

The logo depicts a stylised outline of Australia and incorporates the Southern Cross. Reaching towards the Southern Cross are trails representing the stories or marks left first by Indigenous Australians, then by white settlers, explorers and pioneers.

Designed by Elizabeth Robinson and sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

2003: Commemorating Australia's Volunteers.

Designed and sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.


2003: Commemorating the Centenary of Women's Suffrage.

Sculpted by Vladimir Gottwald.

2005: Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of World War 2.

The design was inspired by a newsreel image.

Sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

2007: Commemorating Australia's hosting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC).

The APEC Australia logo is a star formed by 21 elements to represent the number of countries participating in the forum.

Sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

2008: Commemorating the centenary of scouting in Australia.

Sculpted by Caitlin Goodall.

2009: 100th year of the age pension.

Designed and sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

2010: Commemorating the centenary of girl guiding in Australia.

Designed and sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.

2011: Commemorating the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Australia.

2014: Commemorating the Centenary of ANZAC 2014-2018

Commemorative coins  There have been various commemorative reverses