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The Holiday Hunter is designed by travellers for travellers. Whether you are planning a day trip, weekend away or a holiday, we believe we have everything that you need here on the one site. This takes dedication, a dedication that makes us proud to be part of The Holiday Hunter.

Let ‘The Holiday Hunter’ help you to Discover Australia - One town at a time’. ‘Australia’s Premier Tourist Directory’

So many exciting places to explore...So many great adventures...”

We would love to hear from you

To make this site as practical and as informative as possible,  we endeavour to have as much information on this one stop planning site as possible.

Let us know what you would like to see included on the site.

Is there anything wrong with the site eg hard to navigate around, or is the layout too cluttered etc. Let us know. If  you do send comments on how to improve the site, be sure to also send comments on the things you like, we love the occasional pat on the head





Brian Gurney - Who is a wonderful inspiration

Kevin Brown - Who spends many hours testing out the site

Rick and Sharyn Longdon who help gather loads of information

Rob Davidson - Who constantly promotes the site

And to all the many friends and family who contribute comments for improvements and changes to the site

We are searching for great people to work in our team

as dedicated sales contractors

If this interests you Send your Resume to Scott Westlake

Holiday Hunter is fast becoming the leading site to plan your next holiday, day trip or adventure.

Jump on board as we showcase Australia to the world.