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Clarence River Light, also known as Yamba Light or Clarence Head Light, is an active lighthouse located on Pilot Hill, a hill in Wooli Park, south of the entrance of Clarence River. The current lighthouse was built in 1955, replacing a previous lighthouse built in 1880. It serves as the rear range light for two different ranges.

The first light on Pilot Hill was most probably a platform with a kerosene lamp, located on the eastern part of the hill. The first actual structure was a small wooden hut built in 1866 with a large kerosene lamp placed on a bench. The mast from this lighthouse is on display at the Story House Museum in Yamba.

In 1878 tenders were called for a permanent lighthouse, one of five lighthouses of similar design designed by James Barnet in 1878-80, the other four being Fingal Head Light, Crowdy Head Light, Tacking Point Lighthouse and Richmond River Light. It was built by W. Kinnear at a cost of £1,097, and construction was completed in 1880.

Like the other four lighthouses, it was a rather short tower, about 7 metres (23 ft) high, with a roofed porch connecting it to a rectangular annexe. It was visible for 6 nautical miles (11 km; 6.9 mi). A keeper's cottage was also constructed near-by. In 1920 the lighthouse was automated and demanned.

In 1934 the Pacific Hotel was built in Yamba, and the light was somewhat obscured. In addition a water reservoir was to be built at the location. A new lighthouse was built in 1955, and the old lighthouse was demolished in 1956.

The new lighthouse was built in 1955 from concrete in a modern style. The apparatus from the old lighthouse was transferred.

The current light source is a FA-251 beacon with a 12 Volt 75 Watt quartz halogen lamp, supplying a light intensity of 22,000 cd and visible for 16 nautical miles (30 km). The power source is a battery charged from the mains electricity. The current characteristic is three white flashes every 15 seconds (Fl.(3)W. 15s). It also shows a fixed blue light (F.Bu.) which serves as a rear light for the North Channel Range Front Light at -131° (NGA 5945, Admiralty K2822, showing Iso.Bu. 2s).

The light is operated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, white the site is managed by the New South Wales Department of Lands. The grounds are open and accessible to the public, and parking is available close-by. The tower itself is closed.


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Clarence River Lighthouse

Photos Courtesy Scott Westlake Photography

Distance & direction from Sydney: 679 Klms NE

Pilot Street, Yamba

Clarence River Lighthouse

Historic Site, New South Wales

The original 1880 Clarence River Lighthouse with keeper's cottage to the left.

The original 1880 Clarence River Lighthouse