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Thousands of visitors have already travelled to the little town of Ootha drawn by the quirky outdoor “Utes in the Paddock” gallery to discover its magnificent panorama and share in the celebration of outback life depicted by its high quality artworks.

The gallery gives people from all over Australia and overseas another reason to visit central west NSW.  “We want to draw people to this area so they can experience first hand the beauty, adventure and wonder of outback Australia.  It’s a surprise for most visitors to discover how vibrant, progressive, resourceful and welcoming outback Australians are, and how invigorating it can be to get out and explore the heartland.  Everything you could possibly want is available in surrounding communities to make a visit to the area a ‘must do’” Graham Pickles says.

 “While the gallery certainly adds texture and another layer of interest for guests of Burrawang West Station, the project is really about promoting the bush.  ‘Utes in the Paddock’ is an invitation for people living on the coast to cross the sandstone curtain and for people from other states to come for a visit to central NSW.  The character of people who live here is at the very heart of the Australian psyche and these are the Aussies who are largely responsible for forging those values in which we as Australians take pride.  Values like mateship, having a go, resilience, tough yet compassionate, fun loving, and hard working.”


Destinations to explore near Utes in the Paddock

Photos Courtesy Scott Westlake Photography

Distance & direction from Sydney: 431 Klms W NW

Mulguthrie-Ootha Road, Ootha

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Utes in the Paddock

Historic / Artistic Site, New South Wales

"Ute of Arms" by Brad Brown and Scott Edwards

Some of the quirky artwork

"Clancy Stops The Overflow" by Peter Mortimore

"The Stockman" by Michael Jones

"Ute-opia" by Stephen Coburn

"Circle Work" by John Murray

"TribeUte" by Lewis Burns

"Golden Valley" by Greg Brennan

"Drizakubra" by Belinda Williams

 "UteZilla" by Jim Moginie and Stephen Coburn